NBA 2k14 To Include Dynamic Living Rosters

The NBA 2K series has been the only game on the market for NBA video game fans for the past three seasons, and one of the most highly criticized part of the franchise is the company’s post-release support. Or should I say a lack of post-release support.

With the return of EA Sports’ NBA Live series just around the corner, and their promises to offer consistent post-release support, 2K Sports has finally come out with part of its plan for NBA 2k14 after the game’s release in October.

NBA 2k14 will see the debut of “Dynamic Living Rosters” in the series which promises to provide players with more consistent roster updates as well as having real-life hot and cold streaks play a factor into a player’s ratings.

It hasn’t been stated just how often these updates will occur or whether or not injuries will be depicted in a timely fashion, but fans of the series should be happy knowing that 2K is finally doing something to change their reputation.

It may still turn out to be a one-sided battle between NBA 2k14 and NBA Live 14, but fans of NBA games may finally see an increase in features and support by the companies in order to best one another. In the end, it’s a win-win for fans.

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