Cosmic Star Heroine Announced For PS4, PS Vita At PAX Prime 2013

PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle, Washington has just kicked off and we’ve already got new announcements for upcoming next-gen games. Cosmic Star Heroine has been announced as a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita cross-buy title, headed up by Zeboyd Games.

Described as a retro sci-fi RPG, Cosmic Star Heroine stars Alyssa L’Salle, a top agent of the galactic government. Her job was to save the galaxy, but upon uncovering a dark secret the government she swore to protect outs her as a spy. She must now lead a ragtag group of heroes against former friends and current enemies to save the day once again!

It looks like the team at Zeboyd are really shooting for the stars (pun intended) with this game, as their 90’s RPG-era throwback is said to be inspired by the visual styles, battle combos and fighting style of Chrono Trigger, the overall feel of the worlds and characters of the Phantasy Star series and the political intrigue of the Suikoden series. If they can pull this mixture together and make it work, we could be in store for a very special game, indeed.

And with great aspirations comes the economic need. A Kickstarter is on its way, and with a base $10 pledge you will be able to get a cross-buy PSN code of Cosmic Star Heroine when the game comes out. Unlike AAA developers who ask for money on Kickstarter, this two-man team would need and appreciate all the help they can get.

For those concerned with Sony’s recent business trends and think that they are only focused on indie games; even Zeboyd Games’ Robert Boyd disagrees. In an interview with IGN, he stated “more indie games doesn’t mean less big budget games; it means more games period. If anything, having a healthy selection of indie games on a platform actually increases the likelihood that people will buy the system which in turn increases the likelihood that big game companies will support that platform with blockbuster games.”

Check out the Sega-CD-esque trailer for Cosmic Star Heroine down below.

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