Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 8/30/13

Ghost Games, EA’s newly established Gothenburg-based studio, has been given complete charge of the “Need for Speed” franchise, the studio has confirmed.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Ghost Games boss Marcus Nilsson said the studio has taken sole ownership of the franchise, suggesting the game will no longer be bounced between multiple EA studios.

“‘Need For Speed’ needs continuity,” he said, “now [EA is] thinking about the brand as Ghost owns it. It cannot go from black to white between Black Box and Criterion, and that’s why we’re now thinking about the brand as Ghost owns it.


Inside the massive complex on the Las Vegas Strip that houses the glitzy Venetian casino and Sands convention center, amid a soundscape of conflicting noises, thousands of players are mashing buttons while staring intently at flickering screens.

They’re not playing slots or video poker. No, they’re trying their hand at upcoming games such as “Titanfall” and “Ryse.”

This is the GameStop Expo. The world’s largest video game retailer first organized the gathering of its most passionate customers last year during its annual meeting of store managers. While the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is no longer open to the public, the GameStop Expo offers everyday gamers a chance to preview upcoming titles and hardware.

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“Dying Light,” the upcoming horror game from “Dead Island” developer Techland, will feature a multiplayer mode called Be the Zombie. Not all players will have access to this game mode, though.

This mode will only be available to gamers who pre-order through participating retailers. The press release says that this is the “only way at launch” to receive the mode. That suggests that the mode will be released as paid DLC somewhere down the road as well. While pre-order customers don’t have to pay for this mode, they’re spending money on the game before they know if it’s any good. The multiplayer mode is essentially a reward for this gamble.

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