Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Coming To Steam This Halloween

The game launched originally on Xbox 360, came to PlayStation 3 earlier this year and now Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut will be coming to Steam this Halloween (October 31st).

This cult hit takes place in the small town of Greenvale. The gruesome murder of cheerleader Anna Graham has shook the community. FBI agent Francis York Morgan is called to the scene to investigate, where he must uncover the mystery behind the Red Seed murder that plagued this woodland town. It’s an open world suspense/action adventure thriller with countless hours of sidequests and mini-games that will keep you enthralled.

Apparently the Steam’s version of the Director’s Cut includes additional content that was not present even in the PS3 version. Whatever game director Swery added to the game must have fans excited, as Deadly Premonition was part of Steam’s Greenlight program and was voted on by the community to come to the platform.

From what I’ve played from the game personally, there is no other title like it. Borrowing heavily from the television series “Twin Peaks,” Deadly Premonition is a story that pays tribute to small town Americana and the love of the mystery genre. It is bold, unique, weird and charming all at the same time. It has had its share of problems (graphics, audio), but if you see past the blemishes and play through the game you will not regret the time you spend.

It’s something quite not what before I have seen, so grab Deadly Premonition this Halloween.

So says Mr. Stewart.

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