New SDK Connects Unity Games Between Mobile And Facebook


Everyone in the video games industry knows that online games accessed through browsers or Facebook are missing out on a huge potential audience if they don’t have a mobile version that allows people to play on smartphones or tablets. But what about games that start out on mobile and want to go the other way?

If they’re built in Unity, a new cross-platform SDK revealed this week by Facebook at the Unity developer conference in Vancouver could be the answer. Game designers can use the SDK to seamlessly integrate their mobile titles with Facebook’s social and identity features and bring them to the web with very little effort.

That last part is key, because many mobile games are designed by small teams who may not have the time and resources to make their products feel native to both mobile devices and online on their own. And despite the fact that it may seem like gaming on Facebook is in decline, the company claims that 260 million people play games on the social network each month, and 90 million of them already have the Unity player installed.

The best part is that this doesn’t mean something for only lighter, casual games. Unity can be used to create richer, more complex games with 3D graphics for the so-called core and mid-core audiences as well—first-person shooters, action and strategy games, the works. Look for more of the best mobile games to take advantage of Facebook’s new service going forward, and if you happen to be a game developer, you can get more details here.

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