Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 8/29/13


Valve has announced 100 more indie titles that have been awarded Steam publishing approval via Steam Greenlight.

This is an unusually large batch, after previous batches had consisted of between 10 and 20 games. But Valve says the huge dump of new titles is intended to ‘stress test’ recent updates to its developer tools.

“As we work to streamline the publishing workflow and improve the tools available to developers preparing for release on Steam, we’ve reached a point where we are ready to stress-test our system,” said Valve.

Among the 100 games in the list are popular 3DS platformer “Mutant Mudds,” “Eternal Darkness” successor “Shadow of the Eternals,” and WayForward’s critically acclaimed platformer “Shantae: Risky’s Revenge.”


While “The Last of Us'” single player captured the attention of the gaming world, the multiplayer is none too shabby. Our biggest complaint was the lack of modes in the game’s online offering–a problem that’s being addressed with the upcoming 1.03 title update.

The free patch adds a brand new multiplayer mode to the game: Interrogation. It’s a two-part objective game mode where rival teams must try and interrogate opponents to get intel on a lockbox. Interrogations can only be triggered by sneaking up on an unsuspecting opponent and beating it out of them. This will take some time, leaving you exposed to counterattack.


BioWare has hinted that it will find a way to import your decisions into “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” even if you’re playing on a new platform like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. How exactly it planned to do this was unclear until today, when the studio revealed the “Dragon Age Keep.”

The Keep site is bare-bones for now, consisting only of a beta application and a brief FAQ. Eventually, though, the web portal will allow you to customize the world to match your decisions from previous “Dragon Age” games. Those include hero attributes, companions, and quest results. You will then be able to import all of those attributes into Inquisition when starting a new game. The first round of beta testing will begin in early 2014.


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