Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 8/28/13

“Battlefield” is unlikely to become an annualised series any time soon because its developer DICE “can’t build a game every year”.

“Battlefield 4″ executive producer Patrick Bach said at Gamescom that while “Battlefield 3″ has been out for nearly two years, people are still playing it.

“I think the core “Battlefield” idea that we’re working on at DICE is… we can’t build a game at DICE every year,” Bach told VideoGamer.


Independent retailers are urging Microsoft and Sony to keep the cost of Xbox One and PS4 games at or below the £50 mark.

Retail lists have pencilled in Xbox One and PS4 game prices as anywhere between £50 to £70. EA so far is the only company to confirm its next-gen video game prices, with RRPs for “Battlefield 4″ and “FIFA 14″ set at £54.99. Microsoft has also stated that all first party Xbox One games will retail for £49.99.

But indies say that consumers won’t stand for anything higher than a £50 price tag.

“Can publishers justify asking for twice the cost for what is definitely not twice the game?” said Gameseek MD Stephen Staley. “The current-gen pricing is just about acceptable: around £40 to £50. This isn’t the right economic climate to ask someone to pay over £50 for a game.”


We’re not sure how, at this point, someone could have both missed Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” and own an Ouya. But if you are in that select group, you’ll soon be able to use that console to play the acclaimed adventure game.

In fact, the full suite of “The Walking Dead” will be available on Ouya, including the entire first season, the “400 Days” downloadable content, and the second season. Like the iOS version, the first episode will be free to get you hooked. The release target is set for a vague period of “winter.”


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