FIFA 14 Vita: The Same Game The Last Three Years Edition

The FIFA series is coming to the PS Vita for a third straight year, and for yet another football season, gamers will experience their annual EA deja vu.

“There will be a Vita version, and it’ll be the same great gameplay,” said EA Sports’ David Rutter in an interview with Eurogamer.

When asked if that specifically meant that FIFA 14 would feature the same gameplay as previous instalments, Rutter replied with: “It’s the same great gameplay and new kits.”

Essentially, players will get a chance to relive their excitement of the PS Vita launch. Last year’s FIFA 13 was criticized for not having any noteworthy differences from FIFA Soccer, which released two years ago with the debut of the Vita.

Gamespot gave FIFA 13 a score of 5.5:

These are still fun modes, but the lack of development is jarring; there’s simply nothing new for fans of the Vita version to sink their teeth into.

The Vita’s version of FIFA 14 was developed by an EA studio in Romania, as opposed to the console version developed in Vancouver.

It has yet to be confirmed by EA whether the lack of new features will lower the price of the game.

FIFA 14 is expected to release in North America on September 24, and in Europe on September 27.


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