DICE Still Unclear About Battlefront 3

All eyes are on DICE, with expectations that they will finally deliver the Battlefront game that Stars Wars fans have desperately been waiting for. Yet up to this point, the Swedish developer is still unsure about how exactly to tackle to the project, according to VideoGamer.com.

Battlefield 4’s executive producer Patrick Bach had this to say:

We haven’t really locked that down yet. I think there’s of course a part of the DICE DNA to build the games that we’re building, but then again we’re building games like Mirror’s Edge as well. So I think it will be a challenge for us. [You’re] damned if you do, damned if you don’t. People don’t want another Battlefield with Star Wars graphics; they want a Star Wars game that is proper.

Bach went on to further explain that ignoring some of Battlefield’s best features would also be a mistake.

Ultimately, fans would probably want the best mix of what makes the Battlefield games so popular and why the Battlefront games built a following back in the day.

Star Wars: Battlefront is expected to release sometime in the summer of 2015, conveniently lining up with the release of the new Star Wars films.




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