Twitter Reacts To The Xbox One Kinect News

Now that the dust has settled after the reveal that the Xbox One does not mandate the Kinect to be plugged in, people have made varying opinions on the matter on Twitter. It’s the #1 stop in social media to make your voice heard by anyone with an internet connection, and if there is anything that a gamer wants more than anything, it’s to have their opinions acknowledged.

Many are excited to hear that the device isn’t required to be always on, showing their appreciation in many different ways.



There are some people who are confused by Microsoft’s repeated attempts to reverse the Kinect and Xbox One’s policies.



With this news, the consensus seemed to be more in favor of an Xbox One bundle without the Kinect, in order to be closer to on par in price points with the PlayStation 4.



At the far end of the spectrum is those concerned with their privacy, who must be glad the Kinect is no longer a requirement.



If there’s anything we can take from this exercise, it’s that fans of video games are a varied bunch with an even more varied set of opinions. One thing is certain, however; the Kinect and Xbox One news is getting people talking.

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