Madden 25 Demo Available August 13

The long-rumored date for the release of the demo of Madden 25 has finally been made official by EA Sports.

Tuesday, August 13 will be the date that the demo hits the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. Like the demo for Madden 13, this year’s iteration of the game preview will feature two matchups that players can try as many times as they like.

The first matchup will be the Seattle Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field; the other contest will pit the two teams that faced off in Super Bowl XLVII against each other once again as the Baltimore Ravens play host to the San Francisco 49ers. As of now, it’s unsure if the demo will feature full five-minute quarters like last year, or if it will revert to the three-minute quarter demos of the past.

A new mix to demo for those who download it on August 13 is the addition of the Skills Trainer. The Skills Trainer will allow players to learn all the new control features — like the new running back combo system — before taking to the field in an actual contest. Whether it be a novice player or a diehard “Maddener”, the Skills Trainer will definitely be a feature that helps make the transition to the new controls much easier for everyone.

Sound off Gamesiders! What do you think of the team choices for the Madden 25 demo? Which teams would you have liked to see a part of the demo instead?




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