Youtube Gaming Community Clicks: July 2013

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Gaming and Youtube are like salt and pepper. Two vastly different things, but in unison are perfect together. A large contingent of gamers are watching gameplay video or critique on Youtube, and that number is growing by the day. 16 of the Top 100 most subscribed Youtube channels are dedicated to gaming content, a good number considering the amount of the Top 100 consisting of VEVO and corporate conglomerates’ channels. That’s why, here at GameSided, we would like to showcase some of the best in Youtube’s gaming community in a feature we like to call Youtube Gaming Community Clicks!

Each month, we will show you multiple videos sectioned by criteria based on subscriber count. They will break down like this: <50k subscribers, 50k-100k subsribers, 100k-250k subscribers and 250k-500k subscibers. That way we can let you know about the best of the hidden gems you should know about, as well as the cutting through the clutter of popular Youtube gaming’s familiar shoutcasting, over-the-top screaming at horror games, and the oh-so-many Minecraft channels.

Before we begin, I’d like to state that this feature is a work in progress. Going forward, we’d love to focus on great Youtube gaming channels that have less than 50,000 subscribers to help prop them up in anyway we can. If you or anyone you know is such a Youtuber, let us know in the comments section or tweet me on my personal Twitter account or the GameSided Twitter account. We’ll look over your channel and you might be featured in a future monthly feature!

Let’s get started!

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