Madden All-25 Team: Wide Receivers And Tight End Revealed

After yesterday’s announcement of Mike Vick as the quarterback chosen to lead the Madden 25 All-25 team into battle, the roster reveal continued on Tuesday with the announcement of who will be lining up in the wide receiver and tight end positions for the playable team.

At the tight end position, San Diego Charger Antonio Gates gets the nod to be the big man over the middle for Vick. Gates has some of the softest hands in the game, and with a 97 catching rating, Gates never dropped passes thrown his way. The only surprise of this choice is that Gates was picked over Tony Gonzalez for the spot.

Taking the role of the outside threats for the team are Randy Moss, who brings over his attributes from Madden 09, and…wait for it…the great Brian Finneran.

While the Moss selection makes sense, the choice of Finneran does not. Sure, Finneran was a dangerous weapon in Madden 2004, and he may have 97 spectacular catch and 90 catching, but there are plenty of receivers that would have been a better choice for the team than the “fantatsic fin”.

Why no Jerry Rice? Why no Chris Carter? Why no Tim Brown? There are plenty of great choices to be had which makes the selection of Finneran even more odd.

On Wednesday, the center and offensive tackles will be revealed.

Sound off Gamesiders! What are your thoughts on the reveal of the WRs and TE for the All 25 team?


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