Madden All-25 Team: Mike Vick Revealed As Quarterback

The Quarterback for the Madden NFL “All-25″ team has been revealed, and the man selected to lead the “greatest” Madden team ever assembled into battle is none other than Philadelphia Eagles, and former Atlanta Falcons, QB Mike Vick.

A controversial pick to say the least, Vick was a dominant force in the Madden NFL franchise — especially Madden 2004 — before he was sentenced to serve jail time in 2007. And while there certainly were plenty of viable candidates to be the quarterback for the “All-25″ team, no one dominated the game at the position like Mike Vick did back in the early to mid-2000′s.

He had everything that a gamer wanting to start a team in Madden wanted. He had arm strength, accuracy, escapability, and uncanny speed for a QB. Yes, Vick was an incredible player, maybe even too incredible, in the Madden games.

During his glory days in the game, there were gamers who would view players using Atlanta because of Vick as a “cheap” way to play the game. It got to the point when the common thing to do would be to ban the use of the Falcons when playing with friends.

On Tuesday, the starting tight end and wide receivers will be revealed, and if one had to venture a guess, the tight end may rhyme with Rony Zongalez.

Sound off Gamesiders! What are your thoughts on Vick being selected as the QB for the Madden All-25 team? Who would you have rather seen selected?


 QB – Mike Vick

RB – Marshall Faulk

FB – Mike Alstott

DE – Dwight Freeney

DE – Julius Peppers

CB – Deion Sanders

CB – Champ Bailey

S – Brian Dawkins

S – Sean Taylor

KR – Devin Hester

K – Adam Vinatieri

P – Shane Lechler

TE - coming August 6

WRs - coming August 6

OTs - coming August 7

C - coming August 7

OG - coming August 8

LBs - coming August 9

DTs - coming August 10

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  • CJ

    Of course he should’ve been the pick, who else could single handedly take over a game like he could; although Jake Plummer was probably the first recognized dual threat QB, no one EVER had or has the pizzazz that Vick still commands to this day at three QBposition

    • SYC

      Jake plummer? wtf

  • Da_trufe

    Vick has always been a beast on madden and will hopefully return to his old form this season in the nfl

  • Jamaal Rashad Nicholson Sr.

    YES! Vick and Dawkins already on the squad! Fly Eagles Fly!

  • TJ Taylor

    WOO HOO!!! MARSHALL FAULK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Vick I use to play with Atlantic even Philly to make it easier with Vick cause he has that burst and arm never know what Vick will do next

  • Jay


  • Jay

    Love the fact one of the best Hb in the game #28

  • Jared Puente

    i used to rush for 1000 and pass for 3500 yards every season in my franchise with him

  • a man

    Should have been Tommy Maddox

  • Vince Vergamini

    Jerimiah Trotter has got to be a Linebacker on this Ultimate team!!!!!

  • Jordan Paul Peters

    The All-Madden RB should either be Warrick Dunn from Madden 06 where you can truck anybody, or Brandon Jacobs the year he had a 92 speed. Lol. I’ll settle for Marshall though.

  • Arthur Ian Warne

    plz nerf

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  • Shirley

    I am a Michael Vick fan. Always have been. Hope to always be. He is one of the very best QB’s ever.

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