Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 8/4/13

“Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag” won’t just take place in the 18th century. Players will also step into the shoes of an Abstergo Entertainment employee working in the present day.

As a new Abstergo employee, players will work out of the corporation’s Montreal office. They’ll use the Animus in order to dive into Captain Edward Kenway’s memories. However, they can also exit the Animus at any time and explore Abstergo. 

“Absolutely,” Ubisoft said when asked if players would learn more of Abstergo’s backstory and mission. “A taste if you just play the main story, and an entire buffet if you explore everywhere.”

Gaming Blend

At E3 2013, Warner Bros revealed its Avalanche-developed “Mad Max” game to the world, but did you know there was a “Mad Max” game in production in the late ’80s that came perilously close to seeing the light of day? It was called “Mad Max: Autorama,” and I found out about it during a recent interview with Ken Melville about the genesis of full motion video games. How did the subject of “Mad Max” came up? Because it’s intimately tied to the birth of FMV games.


Games Industry International has a terrific interview with former EA chief John Riccitiello in which the ex-executive talks candidly about the video game industry, the rise of mobile gaming, and the future of AAA game development.

His insights into the industry are really terrific, actually, as are his criticisms of some of the things wrong with the business.

“Let’s be realistic. I’m going to be cynical for a minute,” he told the publication, noting that some of “these game companies who are going to create the next generation of new ideas, they’re all about fun etc. And they’re working on a ‘Puzzles and Dragons’ rip-off, except they’re going to change one of the colors to blue. I mean, wait a minute. Are you in this because you want to create something or does it look like the easiest way to make money is to take one of the top-ten games and tweak it?”


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