Online Seasons Coming To EASHL In NHL 14

This week EA Sports revealed some major improvements to the different online modes for its upcoming ‘NHL 14′ game. The biggest improvements coming to the popular EA Sports Hockey League mode.

The EASHL allows players to take their “Be-A-Pro” player, and team up with friends to take on other teams in a worldwide league.

Since its inception, the EASHL has been pretty cut and dry. You play your games for three weeks, then the playoffs start. Once you lose a playoff game, your season’s done, and you have to wait for the next one to begin a few days later.

EA Sports has changed that method quite a bit to make the league more fun for players by introducing Online Seasons to the EASHL.

Just like the real NHL, teams will get points for playing through each game. At the end of a Seasons game, the Seasons Progress Report screen shows goals needed for the club to reach the next level. A season can be up to 10 games in length; however a season can end early if a club does not have enough points to reach their next goal in the amount of games remaining.

Once the Season has been completed, the Season Progress Report screen will show the results (Division Title/Promotion/Division Held/Relegated)

There will be 10 divisions that teams will have to qualify for, starting with division 10. As you win games, and subsequent playoff titles, you move up in division as you try and get to the Elite Cup and make a run at the league title.

Ten divisions, four cups. Let the battles begin

Speaking of playoffs, the format to the league postseason has been changed as well. Now, playoffs will last longer for teams, and happen more often.

There will be weekly playoffs introduced in this year’s game as well as a chance for redemption after a loss. Instead of previous games where if you get eliminated in the playoffs once your season is over, teams will now get a second chance to capture the cup in a “Double Knockout” playoff format.

The last major improvement EA Sports has made to the EASHL involves the glorious matchmaking system that has angered many a gamer.

Starting this year, the only way games will count towards a team’s season record is if they are between two teams in the same division. For example, if two division six teams play each other, that game will be ranked, but if a division six and division ten team face off, the game won’t be.

EA Sports clearly knows how popular the EASHL is to its fan base, and has made sure to not leave it neglected in NHL 14. So sound off, Gamesiders! What are your thoughts on the changes coming to the EASHL.



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