Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 7/31/13

A new “Watch Dogs” trailer, apparently featuring footage from the current-gen version of the game, has drawn criticism for its poor graphics.

Released overnight, the trailer’s footage appears to be drawn from a current-gen version of the game, though Ubisoft has not specified whether it shows PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U footage.

Online feedback has seized on the differences between the footage shown in the new trailer and previous footage, which has demonstrated the PC and next-gen versions of the game.

Comments on YouTube and discussion forums including NeoGAF are near unanimous in their disappointment, with some comparing the footage to PS2-quality graphics


Pokemon’s rare creation trio is coming to GameStop and GAME stores in the US and UK, where in the run-up to “Pokemon X” and “Y” fans can pick up special “shiny” versions of the legendary monsters. In case you’re not 100 percent clued up on your Pokedex, shiny Pokemon have unusual alternate colors, making them collector’s items in a series that is kind of completely about collecting.

Participating GameStop and GAME stores will distribute Dialga, Palkia, and Giratana, the three cover Pokemon of “Diamond,” “Pearl,” and “Platinum,” in a series of three separate runs.


More big games are inbound for Nintendo’s little Wii U… the next-gen console that could. Capcom will be bringing the monster hunting RPG to Nintendo and Sony’s consoles this fall in Japan. The new info comes courtesy of one of Japan’s most trusted gaming magazines.

Nintendo Everything caught word of Famitsu’s announcement that Capcom will be bringing “Monster Hunter Frontier G” to the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStation 3 later this year. The game will launch in Japan for the PS3 on November 20th and it will be made available for the Wii U starting December 11th.

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