Madden 25 All 25 Defensive Ends Revealed

The first members of the ‘Madden 25′ All-25 team defense has been announced by EA Sports.

Unfortunately, if you thought about playing with Bruce Smith and Reggie White on the same defensive line, you might as well let those hopes go as neither of them were selected to be part of the All-Time Team.

Instead, the team features two current players in Dwight Freeney and Julius Peppers as its defensive ends. It’s basically a lazy cop out
so they don’t have to pay retired players for their likeness in the game. By adding players that are currently on NFL teams, they can just duplicate them, and add them to the roster without any extra work.

Peppers brings his attributes from Madden 2006 to the team where he was a 97 overall while Freeney sees his numbers from Madden 07 come to Madden 25 as a 99 overall.

It’s only two days into the player reveal for the team’s roster, and with the lackluster announcements thus far, one has to wonder how the rest of the team will look. Needless to say, the excitement that was originally there, isn’t there anymore.

After the decision to go with Marshall Faulk as the team’s running back over Barry Sanders, and today’s announcement of the DEs instead of Reggie White and Bruce Smith, one has to wonder just how this team is coming together.

It’s only two days into the actual roster reveal, but it’s looking more and more like a roster of players who EA could actually get to allow their likenesses into the game rather than a true “All-25″ team.

On Thursday, it will be the announcement of the team’s safeties.

Current All-25 Roster:

Coach: John Madden

RB: Marshall Faulk

FB: Mike Alstott

DE: Julius Peppers

DE: Dwight Freeney

Sound off Gamesiders! What are your thoughts on the defensive end selections? Do you really think this is a true “All-25″ team? Let us know in the comment section below.

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