2K Mobile Summer Sale Slashes Prices August 1 Through August 5

You know what’s a bummer? A lot of cool mobile games actually cost money to buy. There are a lot of great free games too, but sometimes you have to pay to play the good stuff.

Fortunately, 2K Mobile is giving your virtual wallet a bit of a break for the next five days. From Thursday, August 1 through Monday, August 5, six of the company’s games are getting price cuts that range from 25 to 80 percent off. Specifically, we’re talking about the following mobile titles:

·         Civilization Revolution – $.99 (reduced from $2.99)

·         NHL 2K11 – $.99 (reduced from $3.99)

·         Sid Meier’s Pirates! – $.99 (reduced from $2.99)

·         Borderlands Legends – $.99 (reduced from $4.99)

·         NBA 2K13 – $2.99 (reduced from $7.99)

·         XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $14.99 (reduced from $19.99)

The game that jumps out at you is “XCOM.” Expensive, yes, but quite simply, it’s the goods. If you were thinking about grabbing it, now’s the time.

Some of the other titles are a little older, like “Civilization Revolution,” which first came out in 2009. In mobile terms, that’s practically the Cretaceous Period, but it’s also a pretty sweet game. And when it first launched, it was $10, so it’s a steal at under a buck.

So there you go: sports, strategy, action, whatever genre you fancy. Grab something on sale for your phone or tablet, but make sure you do it before next Tuesday rolls around.

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