Super Hero Squad Online Makes It More Worthwhile To Subscribe

As the parent of a boy who is a pretty devoted “Super Hero Squad Online” player, I can report firsthand that subscribing to the normally free-to-play game isn’t a bad deal. For less money than most MMOs, you get 500 gold per month and a nice selection of exclusive heroes to add to your roster.

Gazillion is doing its best to take a good value to great with the added subscriber benefits that just went live. Subscribers now get a permanent 30 percent XP boost to help level up heroes that much faster. They also get double the chance at finding the Mystery Box Hero in the (wait for it…) Mystery Box, which should help make the occasionally cruel whims of the lockbox gods that much easier to handle.

If you’re more of an a la carte sort, good news everyone: there’s a bonus for you too. Specifically, gold buyers will get a 10 percent XP boost, which seems like a fair reward for their financial commitment to “SHSO.” That’s for anyone who’s ever purchased any gold, by the way.

Even if you’d rather not sink any dough into the game, there are plenty of reasons to log on while the Sinister Summer is still in effect. The best one is the daily sale on a random hero, putting even the more expensive Squaddies within reach. Well, except maybe for the Dark Surfer. That guy’s expensive!

Anyway, to pay or not to pay, that is the question. The decision is just a little bit harder to make now, but in a good way.

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