Tymora's Gift Drops Rare Loot (Sometimes) Across Neverwinter

My birthday is in April, so it’s usually a long spell between then and Christmas where I’m not opening any gifts. And that’s assuming people get me anything, which is an entirely different matter. Fortunately I’ve been able to fill the present-shaped void in my life just fine since Tymora’s Gift started showing up this week in “Neverwinter.”

In case you aren’t up on your Forgotten Realms lore, Tymora is the goddess of good fortune. Seriously, she has her own Wikipedia page and everything. From now until July 29 at 10 am Pacific, she’s leaving behind packages that drop from defeated mobs all over “Neverwinter,” and all you have to do to get it on the loot is pick them up.

Inside the packages you might find rare weapons or armor, Rough Astral Diamonds, potions or profession materials. I can tell you from personal experience that the last of those is what you’ll turn up most of the time. There’s also a chance at the Fool’s Crown of Neverwinter, which doesn’t do too much but look cool. Thanks to the game’s nifty transmutation feature, though, you can make any of your good hear slot gear look like the Fool’s Crown. Also it won’t kill unworthy wearers like the real crown, so there’s that.

There’s really no downside to extra loot drops, especially ones that don’t require an Enchanted Key to open. Give thanks to Tymora for making it happen, at least for the next few days.

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