Ranking The Final Fantasy Games: #12-10

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The Final Fantasy series is possibly one of the greatest gaming series of all time. Its impact on the RPG genre is unparalleled, as its advances in gameplay and storytelling were, and are remarkable. The soundtracks, written and composed by Nobou Uematsu, cannot be beat. Each new game is vastly different from its predecessor, making it one of my personal favorite gaming series.

That’s why I’ve brought it upon myself over the next month to rank the mainline Final Fantasy games in order of excellence. This means I will be excluding all spin-offs (Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.) and MMO games (Final Fantasy XI and XIV). As well, each game will be based on its initial launch version, and not by any potential remasters or ports. Remember, these are my opinions. If you have an issue with the ordering or a criticism of one of the games, feel free to wait until you view the entire list and leave me a comment at the end.

Let’s start off this week with entries #12 – 10!

The rest of the list:

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