Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 7/26/13

Executives from Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment, and Relic Entertainment have formed a new video game studio in San Diego.

Molten Games will focus on developing and publishing AAA online games. The new company has received a multi-million investment from Korean publisher NCsoft, leading Molten’s Series A funding.

“Our goal when raising money was to not only get capital, but to also form a strong strategic relationship with our investors,” Molten Chief Product Officer  and former global head of eSports and Community at Blizzard, Paul Della Bitta, tells me.


Cole McGrath is dead. And he’s staying that way. The developers who created him say that the high-voltage superhero who starred in the first two “Infamous” games won’t be back in any way, shape or form in the series’ next installment. Goodbye, Electric Jesus. You were the best superhero ever to zap your way through a video game.

In superhero comics and the entertainments inspired by them, the afterlife has a revolving door. No one who dies ever stays buried for very long and you can pretty much predict when they’re coming back.

But it’s going to be different for Cole McGrath. He won’t be rising from the grave.


Nail Gaiman is a very prolific storyteller. He’s done film, novels, comics and television, and now he’s expanding his oeuvre. The author has just announced “Wayward Manor,” his very first video game, which he is currently writing and directing.

In classic Gaiman style, it’s quite off the beaten track. As the protagonist of the game, you play a ghost, haunting a massive 1920s Gothic Victorian mansion in New England. Your attempts to enjoy a nice, quiet afterlife, however, keep being interrupted by intruders — leaving you to find increasingly creative ways to haunt them out, all while learning more about who the ghost is, and a danger that threatens everyone.

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