WildStar Unveils Chua And Mordesh Races

I’m not going to lie: I can’t wait for “WildStar.” Playing “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and dabbling in “EVE” helps scratch my sci-fi MMORPG itch most of the time, but Carbine Studios and NCsoft really seem like they have something unique on their hands.

As Exhibit A, I present their recent unveiling of two more playable races, the Chua and the Mordesh. Most games would be content sending out an email blast or a press release, but that’s not really the “WildStar” style. Instead, the developers cooked up a trailer using the in-game engine, and like most of the stuff surrounding the game, it’s a riot.

It actually doesn’t reveal too much about the new race options. The Chua are small furry animals of some kind, and they’re apparently good at building weapons. Science is also a strength of the Mordesh, though it looks like the “mad” kind of science. The space version of dark elves, perhaps? We also know the Mordesh are on the Exile side while the Chua roll with the Dominion.

It’s enough to make me want to fire up the beta right now… except that I haven’t actually made it into the closed beta yet (and couldn’t tell you if I did!). Maybe you’ll have better luck, so sign up here and good luck checking out Nexus for yourself!

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