Runescape 3 Has Launched, Featuring Story-Driven World Events

Jagex has been running Runescape for over a decade, launching back in early January 2001. A lot has changed over the years, but no bigger amount of change has come than with the launch of Runescape 3.

According to Jagex, this new update will feature a lot of technical improvements, six hours of orchestrated music, as well as a world event called The Battle of Lumbridge. The event itself will take place over two months, but for now you will take sides in a battle of two factions representing Gielinor’s most notable gods. You can then collect divine tears through combat and skill upgrading to provide to your faction’s collection. The faction with the most divine tears after the 10 weeks will be victorious.

Additionally, the more you contribute the more renown your character will become. The more renown you possess, the more you can exchange with at your faction’s quartermaster for gear, items and xp boosts. As well, events during The Battle of Lumbridge will shift the landscape of the world. Events occurred will change your interaction with the game, over time.

Also, for paid members, a Seasonal Hiscores table has been introduced. Participating in special events will have you vie for a Crown of Supremacy (becoming the Crown of Legends as you are usurped), as well as titles and emotes that come with the victory over others.

Runescape is a free-to-play browser game, with the latest edition “Runescape 3″ out right now.

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