Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild Expansion Will Arrive August 22

That was fast. “Neverwinter” has only been out of beta for a few weeks, but Cryptic and Perfect World have already announced when the MMORPG’s first expansion will be rolled out.

Said expansion is titled “Fury of the Feywild,” and it’s scheduled to go live on August 22. New content includes a previously unrevealed zone called Sharandar, which will introduce both moon and sun elves as playable races.

Naturally there are new monsters to fight as well, including trolls, cyclops and magically deformed gnomes called redcaps. A particularly nasty creature named King Malabog is at the heart of all the new trouble, and the expansion’s campaign system will have players teaming with besieged elves to fight back against Malabog’s horde.

New companions, professions, and gear are also on the way. Players can even prepare specifically for the challenges that await with two Feywild Packs that contain items that can’t be purchased anywhere else in the game. The Feywild Starter Pack sells for $19.99 and contains four items, while the Knight of the Feywild Pack has 12 items and goes for $59.99. All of the loot in both packs can be used on the preview server now, but will only be usable on the main servers once “Fury of the Feywild” goes live.

Still, that’s only a few weeks away. In the unlikely event that you feel you’ve already tackled everything “Neverwinter” currently has to offer, you can check out the expansion site to get properly psyched up for what’s coming next month.

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