Forza 5 Has Mandatory Day One Update

Microsoft may have reversed its “Always Online” DRM policies, but that doesn’t mean individual games aren’t going to have their own internet connection requirements.

In the same way the the Xbox One will require a mandatory day one update which will require an internet connection, launch title ‘Forza 5′ will also be requiring an update when the game is first loaded onto the system.

“So when you first boot up the game, we’re going to ask you to log in,” Turn 10 Studios head Dan Greenawalt told IGN. “And when you log in you’re going to get the Drivatars and you’re also going to get a whole bunch of content: tracks and cars. Our production schedule is such that we are putting them in as late as possible and that means making them free as downloadable content on Day One. [But] that is required content to play the game.

“We basically have designed the game to work with all that content no matter how late [it's] coming in, in order to make the biggest game possible.”

The day-one update will be the only time that the game will be required to be connected. After the update is installed, Greenawalt assured gamers that they will be able to play the game offline.

Why the decision to make a mandatory game update when it’s first loaded? Well, Greenawalt states that it’s Turn 10’s way to make sure they are delivering the best game possible.

“We’re not making a launch game. We’re making Forza 5, at launch,” he said.

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