Doc Ock And New Sidekicks Available For Super Hero Squad Online

Maybe that change of heart for Otto Octavius is permanent. In the pages of Marvel Comics, the former arch-enemy of Spider-Man currently is Spider-Man thanks to a little mind swap with Peter Parker. And in “Super Hero Squad Online,” players can just straight up have Doctor Octopus fight on the side of the angels thanks to the new Ock Box.

For 200 gold, the Ock Box gives players a chance at both the playable version of Doctor Octopus and the super-rare Spider-Man Ends of the Earth Badge. Mr. Octavius has a tentacle grab similar to his evil boss version and can crawl up the sides of buildings in the city zones.

Since hardly any self-respecting hero in “Super Hero Squad Online” is seen these days without a sidekick of some sort, the Gazillion team added more of them too. If mini-Iron Men or Ultrons aren’t your thing, you can now choose to have a mummy, Lockheed the dragon or… well, a lizard of some sort accompany your favorite hero. Or villain-turned hero, in the case of Dock Ock.

There are more ways than ever to separate you from your hard-earned gold, but the ongoing summer sale on a different hero each day  at least means it will cost less to add some extra muscle to your squad. Time to hero up!

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