Lego Marvel Super Heroes Box Art Unveiled, Hands On At Comic Con

No more placeholder art for “Lego Marvel Super Heroes.” As you can see here, the cover has been revealed, showing off Iron Man leading members of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer into action. Lego bricks have probably never been in so much jeopardy.

What’s still missing is an official on-sale date, as the game currently still sports a murky Q3/Q4 2013 release window. We do know its story begins with the Silver Surfer’s surfboard getting broken into multiple “Cosmic Bricks,” and about two dozen Marvel heroes and villains have been confirmed. If previous Lego games are any indication, the gameplay should have a nice mix of action and puzzle-solving with a healthy side order of humor.

Anyone lucky enough to be attending Comic-Con in San Diego later this month will be able to get some hands on time with “Lego Marvel Super Heroes” at both the Marvel and Lego booths, as well as the Xbox Gaming Lounge at the nearby Manchester Grand Hyatt. Game Director Arthur Parsons will be sitting in on the Marvel Games Panel on Saturday, July 20, which will be liveblogged on Marvel’s website. To top it off, Parsons will be a guest on Marvel’s video show twice during the convention, and his appearances will be streamed live on the company’s Comic-Con site.

Until then, just enjoy the cover and the surreal sight of the Marvel and Warner Brothers logos appearing side by side on the same box.



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