Final Fantasy X HD Remake Dares You To Compare

Over on the PlayStation Blog, they have released a new video promoting the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster by comparing the newest edition with the SD version that came out in 2001. The video is split in half, showing the standard definition version on the left and the HD Remaster version on the right.

The difference is immediately noticeable. Fading into the beginning of Final Fantasy X, the ground textures are more sharp and defined. The coloring of each character’s clothing is brighter, as well as more attention to detail to each part of their intricate wardrobes. The necklace around main characters Tidus and Yuna are now separate objects than their character skins (which were huge immersion breakers back in the day). The subtlety of facial animations has been vastly improved. You can tell that the Square Enix team has put a lot of effort into this remaster.

There hasn’t been much information when it comes to the PS Vita, but we do know that the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 bundle will come on one disc for the PlayStation 3 this fall for $39.99. The PS Vita version will have each title sold separately. Both games will be based on their international editions, which will provide more challenges and content that was not previously available in North America. You can see the comparisons for yourself below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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