PlayStation 4 GameStop Pre-Orders Sold Out, Xbox One Still Available

When it comes to console “wars”, usually the free market decides the victor. Between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the early edge appears to go to PlayStation 4.

Examiner notes from PlayStation Lifestyle that GameStop no longer allows the pre-ordering of the PlayStation 4. It’s still available on Amazon, but it goes to show that the overwhelming demand for the console has resulted in the shutting down of pre-ordering Sony’s product by the biggest gaming retail store in North America.

It was just over two weeks ago that Sony allowed GameStop up to unlimited pre-orders for the Playstation 4, making it seem like a high count production was likely to reach consumers during the holiday season. With the news coming today, however, there might be too much demand to facilitate everyone who wants to buy one.  Shutting it down now with more than 3 months left to go might allow the re-opening of pre-orders later down the road.

Meanwhile, GameStop is still open for Xbox One purchases online. Whether or not it is because they can rely on a large production to meet the demand or that the demand simply isn’t there is up for discussion. But with both companies vying to replace Nintendo as the company with the most units sold this generation, it’ll be interesting to see the sales reports each quarter and find out where the gaming industry is heading towards.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle via Examiner

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