SWTOR Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Of KOTOR

It’s pretty common to see people refer to “Star Wars: The Old Republic” as the unofficial sequel to the “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” console games, but now BioWare’s MMO is going to officially be paying its respects to the game that started it all.

On July 15, the day KOTOR was first released for Xbox in 2003, “The Old Republic” will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the much loved RPG. The festivities include a special title available on the Cartel Market for 24 hours, appropriately called “Revan’s Heir,” and Cartel Coin giveaways all day long on the game’s Facebook page. BioWare Creative Director James Ohlen will also chime in with a blog post recalling his experiences with KOTOR and the way it shaped SWTOR.

There’s plenty going on in-game right now and through the rest of the summer as well. An extra-long double XP weekend is still going, running through July 8.  Bounty contract week is scheduled to arrive in August, allowing characters level 15 and up to try taking down some of the most notorious kingpins in the galaxy. Scum and villainy, remember?

Game update 2.3 is already live on the test server and should be heading to the regular servers before too long, bringing with it new flashpoints centered on the Czerka Corporation. There’s also a new Ewok companion named Treek, which is good news to everyone except the folks who thought the Ewoks ruined “Return of the Jedi. Unless you can take bounty contracts on the Ewok. Hmm…

Anyway, it’s good to see the KOTOR legacy recognized. Gamers still dream of a true “Knights of the Old Republic III,” but until that glorious day arrives (if it ever does), having SWTOR keep the flame alive is the next best thing.



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