Pokemon X and Y Gets Limited Edition 3DS XL Consoles

When it comes to Pokemon, Japan has typically gotten the good stuff.

And it won’t stop with the release of Pokemon X and Y, after Nintendo announced that fans would be able to purchase limited edition 3DS XLs themed after the highly anticipated games.

Slated for an exclusive Japanese release on October 12, 2013, gamers can choose between the “Xerneas and Yveltal Blue” and “Premium Gold” models. The “Xerneas and Yveltal Blue” theme features the two games’ cover pokemon, while the “Premium Gold” features Xerneas once again, as well as the game’s three starter pokemon.

The “X and Y Blue” will be available throughout Japan, while the “Premium Gold” is expected to be exclusively available at Pokemon Centers (Pokemon themed retail stores found in Japan, and in the state of Washington in the United States).


Purchase of either console will include a downloadable copy of the game, a 4 GB SD card, and other accessories. The expected price is 22,800 yen each, which converts to about $228 USD.

There has yet to be any confirmation whether either console will be getting a North American release. Thankfully, we live in a digital world that allows Pokemon fans to find ways around that.

For nostalgic reasons, check out this slideshow of 28 other different Pokemon themed consoles.


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