Madden 25: Ultimate Team Detailed

EA Sports has released its latest playbook trailer for Madden NFL 25, and this time it’s “Ultimate Team” getting the playbook profile treatment.

EA Sports has done some updating to the relatively dry Ultimate Mode that has been a feature in the game since Madden 10. This time, there is a lot more to the mode than just buying card packs and making your lineups. Now, your players have to be able to mesh well together for you to be successful.

The Madden team has brought back team chemistry, but tweaked it in a way that it will matter towards how your team plays.

If your teammates mesh well, then your play on the field will be greatly enhanced; if not, then, well, let’s just say it won’t go so well for you.

There are four offensive and four defensive styles for players to choose from that will determine their team’s identity as they then build up their roster with players who are not only good, but fit the scheme that’s being used. The higher the chemistry, the higher the team bonuses.

The eight playing styles to choose from are as follows:

Short Pass
Long Pass
Ground & Pound
Speed Run

Zone Defense
Man Defense
Pass Rush
Run Stuff

In addition to the team “Chemistry” is the new Ultimate Team “season.” The new season mode will pit players head-to-head in 10-game seasons that will culminate with an eight-team playoff. The better you do in the regular season, the better your seeding. The further into the playoffs you go, the higher the reward.

The last major new addition to Ultimate Team is the overhaul of the “Best Lineup” feature.  Now, a single tap of a button will sort through your entire player collection and create your highest-rated lineup on both offense and defense.  

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