Tera's Corsair's Stronghold Update Detailed (video)

Bluehole Studio has announced that the much-anticipated update to their popular MMORPG Tera will be Corsair’s Stronghold. It will added a massive 20 vs. 20 battlefield to the game for players. 

The update is due to release on July 2 in North America and shortly thereafter in Europe.

The new content for Tera will divide 40 players into two teams. One team will have the task of defending a castle while the other will have to destroy it.

The patch to the game that includes Corsair’s Stonghold will add siege weapons, airships, tanks and cannons  to the game. New rewards will also be added to the game for users. 

The battlefield will be accessible to any characters above level 30. And for those worried about higher level players having an unfair advantage, fear not. The patch will also make all the gear balanced in abilities to allow a much more fair, and fun, battle for everyone.

For players under level 60, they will be able to earn experience and level up in the battlefield. So not only will there not be a distinct advantage for those who have characters with a high level, players can grow their lower-leveled characters.

Tera is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG available on their official website.


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