Ouya Sells Out In One Day

The newest gaming console Ouya sold out at both Amazon and Gamestop within the first 24 hours of its release.

The microconsole, which released on June 25 at retail for $99, runs on its own custom version of Android 4.1 operating system, and accesses Google Play for games. However, despite the seemingly good news of what seems to be a successful initial launch, things aren’t necessarily going 100% smoothly for the startup company.

Customers who pre-ordered the system were originally supposed to receive the device in March, but many of them had yet to receive their Ouya when it hit retail shelves yesterday. It was news that had company founder Julie Uhrman “pissed” about the unfulfilled presales.

Nevertheless, the early success in sales by the Ouya has to be welcomed news for the company that was really taking a big risk with the development and design of its own gaming console. What it eventually leads to at the this point is obviously unknown as they will have to wait to see how future sales months from now do.

If they continue to see success in sales, then it may just lead to an updated version of the system a year or so from now. It’s all just part of the waiting game.

Gamestop has since confirmed that more consoles are in stock on their website and through web-in-store. Amazon, on the other hand, has yet to announce when more Ouyas will be available.

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