GameSided Preview: Smooth Operators For iOS

If you’re a fan of simulation games, you’ve no doubt found yourself in a virtual version of just about every type of business imaginable. Note that the key phrase there was “just about,” because there’s a decent chance you’ve never experienced the fun of running a profitable call center. Bulky Pix and Heydeck Games are going to rectify that on July 3, when they bring “Smooth Operators” to iOS devices.

Okay, so the idea of being stuck in cubicle purgatory in real life may not sound like a good time. In that case, think about “Smooth Operators” as a revenge fantasy of sorts, allowing you the freedom to organize your facility and the workers inside it as you see fit. Everything is upgradable, from the furniture to the elevators to the office building itself.

Since you’re the boss, you can drive the employees to work harder in order to fulfill those big contracts. Who says customer service is dead? Of course the front line workers may get disgruntled if they feel they’re being taken for granted, but you can always send them to career coaches or have HR soothe them with promises of better hours or more vacation time.

Still dubious? Well, the game already made an impression in its time on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s also not a freemium game, so you’ll be paying just one price (supposedly $3.99) and won’t have to drop any more dough after that.

If nothing else, playing “Smooth Operators” on your iPhone or iPad will at least allow you to say you’ve simmed everything And that’s something.

Available for: iPhone, iPad

Release date: July 3, 2013


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