Report: Microsoft To Release Games On Android, iOS

Could Microsoft games be coming to Android and iOS devices in the near future? Well, if a report making the rounds is to be believed, it sure seems that way.

According to Reuters, Nikkei is reporting that the Seattle-based company will be releasing select Xbox and PC games to the mobile devices. The Japanese news service states that smartphone game development studio Klab Inc. will handle the releasing of the games by way of a licensing deal.

While the report lacks many of the details that plenty would like to know, it does say that the first game will be released by the end of the 2013 fiscal year.

‘Age of Empires’ will reportedly be the first game to be ported over to the mobile devices. It is expected that AoE will be a free-to-play title as it will likely be a test of the market for porting computer games over to mobile devices other than Windows-based phones.

It’s just another way that the mobile gaming market is being groomed for the future by leading companies.

Do you like the idea of PC and Xbox games being added to smartphones, or does it diminish the quality of the games?  Leave a comment below, and let us know.

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