Want A PS4 On Launch Day? Bundle Up

It’s still not clear exactly when the PlayStation 4 is going to arrive on store shelves and in homes this fall. But if you’re the type of gamer who can’t stand the thought of waiting even one unnecessary day to play Sony’s latest console, you can still guarantee you’ll have one in your hands on launch day – if you’re willing to bundle.

Amazon had taken pre-orders for what it called the “Launch Edition” of the PS4 that assured buyers that the console would be delivered on release day, but those are now sold out. And while GameStop has apparently received the green light to accept “unlimited pre-orders” for the PS4, it’s a near certainty that only a fraction of the people who take the chain up on the offer will actually get theirs on the first day.

That leaves bundles as the last remaining sure option, but since you’ll need something to play on that PS4 anyway, that’s not such a bad thing. Amazon currently has two different Launch Day Bundles for $459.98 in the U.S., one that includes “Watch Dogs” and another for “Knack.” For fans of multiplayer action, the “Battlefield 4″ and Killzone” Launch Day Bundles include the respective game and a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus for $499.90

GameStop has an even wider array of bundles from which to choose, including packages for “Drive Club,” “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” and one that features all three next gen EA Sports titles. Again though, it’s unknown, and probably unlikely, that pre-ordering any of these will ensure launch day delivery or pick-up.

As for Xbox One, Microsoft is offering something called the Day One Edition that includes a special commemorative controller, a code for a Day One achievement (got to have those achievements, right?) and premium packaging. The name implies it will be available at launch – and it is selling in bundles as well – but so far Amazon’s listings are a bit ambiguous on the matter.

So it looks like bundle or bust for the PS4 on launch day, whenever that turns out to be. Are you willing to wait, or are you chomping at the bit to be one of the first to play the new consoles? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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