Madden 25: Madden Share Detailed

EA Sports released its latest installment of the “Madden Playbook” trailer series for ‘Madden 25′ on Monday detailing a brand new feature added to this year’s game: Madden Share.

Madden Share will allow users to create playbooks, custom rosters, highlights, and sliders in their game and upload them for fellow Madden community members to download. Users will be able to search, and sort through, everything that has been uploaded in order to find the best playbook, slider settings, or roster file that suits them.

Everything downloaded in Madden Share will be available for use in the game’s Connected Franchise mode. To see the trailer for yourself, watch the video below.

The ability to share rosters has been commonplace in EA Sports’ NCAA video game franchise, but the inclusion of the feature in Madden could be viewed as surprising by some.

With the ability to upload and share custom rosters with custom ratings, players won’t have to purchase the latest game every year for updated rosters. Instead, they can get them whenever they want. It’s a feature that allows a lot more flexibility to the Madden community that may even cost EA a bit of money in upcoming years.

Nevertheless, this new feature is definitely a welcomed add-on to the Madden NFL franchise. Whenever new ways for users to interact with one another are added to the game, it can only be viewed as a win with the gaming world.

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