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Daniel’s Game of the Year #8 – Until Dawn

It wasn’t until I saw a live action demonstration of Until Dawn that I truly understand the goal it was striving for; make a horror game in the strain of a Quantic Dream choice-based narrative, but actually great! Boy, did Supermassive Games achieve that goal while adding a third pillar; an unwavering appreciation for the horror movie genre of the 80’s and 90’s.

A collection of teens hanging out on a dark, cold mountain cabin as part of an annual tradition, the last of which saw two twins mysteriously disappear after a prank gone wrong, screams team romp. However, cutting it short does Until Dawn a disservice, as there is a deep lore hidden below the surface-level gameplay. Plus, Peter Stormare jumps in between each chapter, questioning an unknown character about their darkest fears and desires in the role of an unknown psychologist.

Those choices, as well as those made by the player, slowly but surely impact the game’s narrative tool; the Butterfly Effect. Every action has a consequence, with subtle clues told by the story informing you of what can go wrong. Everybody or nobody can end up dead at the end of the story, giving the player true agency in the adventure’s story. Because of that, they deserve the praise they get, including a Top 10 inclusion.

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