The 10 Players You Meet In Splatoon

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The Rival

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Every once in awhile, you’ll run up against an Inkling on the opposing team who is so well-matched to you that the game is suddenly instilled with new meaning. Whatever the cost, you must splat this squid. You’ll both stay in the lobby for match after match, constantly pitted against one another, with neither ever quite besting the other. You’ll match this squid kill for kill. You’ll both run into one another with rollers or, in a barrage of ink, splat one another at exactly the same time, only to run back at each other for more.

While not as common as some of the other Splatoon player types, I’ve run into several “rivals” in both types of matches, and it’s quite a thrill. With the absence of voice chat or any way to ping the opposing team, I can only hope the Inkling on the other side of the screen is getting the same kick out of this as I am. Inking a rival is one of the little joys of Splatoon, because in some small way, I feel as though I’m also making a friend.

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