E3 2015: Microsoft / Xbox Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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Things I hope we’ll see at the Microsoft briefing

Microsoft should finally make good on these Battletoads teases
Microsoft should finally make good on these Battletoads teases /

I really hope we see what Microsoft is going to do with Battletoads, so people can stop looking into the tarot cards as Phil Spencer wears a t-shirt. Now that my rant is done, I hope we do see what Microsoft is doing with Battletoads. I never played the original game, but I would be curious about what they could do with a 2D platforming property. They don’t do much traffic in that genre, with Ori and the Blind Forest being more an exception than a rule.

More footage of Crackdown would be excellent to share as well. As part of last year’s E3, Microsoft teased many with its new Crackdown game, but we have heard little about it since. So I hope there is something a bit more tangible from that game at E3.

Ori_Screen_01 /

I would love to see indies in large supply supporting Windows and Xbox initiatives. If we will be having to sit through Windows 10, then I would love to see a list of studios committed to the Xbox marketplace as well. The future of Windows and Xbox looks great together, but I would love to see what popular PC or Xbox games actually run like on stage through a demonstration.

That is what I expect to see at E3 2015 from Microsoft this year. What do you think they will show?

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