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GameSided Top 10 Game of the Year 2014

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4 – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS (38 points)

Fun for the whole family, Masahiro Sakurai really brought his A-game to Super Smash Bros. on his fourth time around. Through sickness and health, he brought forth an amazing roster of characters to fight with, stages to fight on and modes to fight in. Best yet is an unmatched soundtrack, accessible in-game, that is quite a delight to listen through and customize to your liking.

It is a great game for casual players and competitive online/offline players alike, with serviceability for controller types of all categories (and consoles). With so much content packed into one full-priced game with no immediate plans for a season pass or extensive DLC, Smash Bros is a brilliant beacon of hope among a slew of games being half-released or broken at launch.

In his review of the 3DS version, Barrett wrote: “Smash Bros 3DS is a game that will keep me occupied for years to come. With unlockables galore, new modes, and friends to compete against, I don’t see any reason why this game won’t be planted in my 3DS cartridge bay regularly.”

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