GameSided Game of the Year 2014 | Honorable Mentions

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19 – The Wolf Among Us (7 points)

For Telltale Games, 2014 opened up plenty of eyes that were once solely fixated on the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Another comic book writer, Bill Willingham, saw his work adapted into the splendorous The Wolf Among Us, which felt like it was perfectly ripped from a 1960’s serial in a graphic comic adventure. Snow White, Bigby Wolf and an assorted cast of fabled children’s story characters comprise the breakout hit, one that has fans clamoring for more amid Telltale’s very full plate as an independent game studio.

For our full season review, Martin wrote about The Wolf Among Us: “The Wolf Among Us continues in the line of interactive experience games offered to the public on every device imaginable, except PS4 and Xbox One until later this year, and it exceeds the feats of even its predecessor, The Walking Dead: Season 1.”