Top 10 Interesting Video Game Stories Of 2013

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2. Indies Take Huge Step Forward In Recognition

When you see Sony dedicate a great deal of their E3 press conference to showcase indie titles coming to the PS4, you know that the indie gaming scene has made it to the proverbial big stage, as well. It could be perceived, but there seems to be a general acknowledgement and acceptance increasing for the ever-growing market of independently-developed video games. Papers, Please comes to mind, a game that received my highest critical regards in 2013.

Perhaps it is the prevalence of trying something new that is slowly attracting gamers. Whether it be spelunking for treasure, keeping Kolechians out of the country, adventuring as a Knight with ADHD or deconstructing the video game within the video game, indie devs outside of Minecraft copiers want to forge their own legacy within the video game genre. The release and cult following of the game Fez may have brought the most eyes to the medium, and 2013’s excellent slew of indie games have kept the flow going.