Mobile Launch Roundup: Sensei Wars, Dark District, Big Win Racing, Arena Of Heroes

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Big Win Racing

Hothead Games has already brought its “Big Win” series to multiple sports, including baseball, football and hockey. The Canadian studio isn’t done yet though, because “Big Win Racing” looks like it applies everything the devs have learned from those other games and applied it to the world of stock car racing.

The basic gameplay is simple, as you collect driver, pit crew and car part cards to try building the best race team possible. Then you set your hot rod loose on the track, zooming through five different game modes and chasing down a number of special prizes. Hothead thought this one through, and the interaction between the components of your team and your strategy within the race appears to add an extra layer of strategic depth.

Now all it needs is some real NASCAR licensing. Hint, hint…

“Big Win Racing” is a free download on iOS and Android devices, and is coming to the Amazon App Store soon.