League of Legends Servers Attacked

mmorpg_9Throughout the day on Thursday, the League of Legends servers have been experiencing an immense amount of lag and downtime. It appears as though a reason for the problems has been discovered, and it’s an all-to-familiar pest causing the problems.

The same group that was responsible for causing mass chaos at the end of 2013 seems to be back in business as the group has taken responsibility for the constant server downtime over the last 12-24 hours. As proof of their claims to be responsible, the group has been restoring and re-attacking the servers at will.

As of this posting, the North American and European servers continue to drop at random times. Developer Riot Games has stated that they are working on getting the issues solved while the group continues to taunt the team and its fans.

We will keep you updated should other games be targeted by the group, or if the League of Legends servers get restored to full function.


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  • Razorhog

    Wow you’d think there was some super anti hacker guy sitting in a dimly lit cubicle/basement/dungeon who’s only job is to repel hack attacks.

    • Mike Straw Jr.

      You’d think that. But clearly they didn’t learn from the last time

  • Earych

    Happened at Fallen Earth too. Probably the same people :(

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  • Alkan23

    Probably some person or people who got scorned while playing LoL and thought “OH I CAN GET BACK AT THEM BECAUSE I AM NOT PETTY AT ALL!”

    Seriously, what a petty thing to spend so much time attacking. These individuals are pathetic and insignificant.