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RUMOR: MLB 14: The Show Release Date Revealed


UPDATE: Thanks to a Gamesided reader, Gamesided has found out that Gamestop’s official website has the rumored April 1, 2014 release date listed. This very well could lead to this being just a placeholder date. Of course, until Sony confirms the date just take everything as a grain of salt.

ORIGINAL: The release date for Sony’s MLB 14: The Show has been uncovered, and it’s coming later than usual to consoles.

According to Good Game Bro, the only outside licensed MLB game is coming April 1. The website reportedly found the date by checking with a Gamestop employee who had access to the computer list of official release dates. An April 1 release date would me the game would be coming out almost a month later than usual — MLB 13: The Show released on March 5, 2013.

The date could still be a placeholder, but April 1 is a Tuesday which could mean it is legit.

It’s a bit concerning that it’s February, and Sony has yet to release any public details surrounding the upcoming game. With no competition, Sony may now feel that is doesn’t have a need to prove what changes are being made to the game, and instead will just have players wait and see. Then again, with the series making the transition to the new generation of consoles, it would be nice to see some gameplay from the PS4.

Gamesided has reached out to Sony for comment on the rumored release date.  MLB 14: The Show will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.


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