Comparing Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Tracks With Their Originals

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final fantasy x hd soundtrackAs some of you know already, Final Fantasy X has been re-released in a high definition remastered package with Final Fantasy X-2 over in Japan. The North American release is set for March 18th, so it will be a long time before we get to see many definitive changes in gameplay, visuals and other directorial alterations. However, there is one aspect fans can make judgments on already; the music.

After peering over a great deal of the soundtrack (there is over 3 hours of individual songs in this game!), I’ve come to the conclusion that some of the musical changes to Final Fantasy X are warranted. Some of the new arrangements, however, feel like they are trying to do too much and end up muddying what was a perfectly-acceptable song. Finally, some changes are genuinely better than their originals. In the grand scheme of things, there should be a choice on using the OST or the remastered soundtrack within the game.

Let’s look at some of the best and the worst changes to come to the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster soundtrack. What’s better or worse is my opinion, and I will try my best to remove nostalgia from decisions. If you have a different idea of what is better or worse, leave a comment below or share your opinions with me on Twitter: @ItsDanielGeorge.

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  • joseph

    Haters gon’ hate

  • eilizsia

    they should have kept the older sound tracks. I prefer them. They should give gamers the opportunity to revert back to the old sound tracks..

  • Matty

    In my opinion I love like 85% of the new soundtrack. There are probably a handful of songs that I prefer the original to. In my opinion ‘people of the north pole’ was better in the original, I found the cold beat of the drum and the xylophone in the chorus gave the song more emotion and certainly set the scene more on mt gagazet. The worst one in the soundtrack for me which I think the remaster completely ruin was ‘wandering flame’. If I am mistaken then it seems you have missed this one out, and I am quite shocked if you have. I feel they are trying to adds too many instruments over the top of each other making it a mess, the oringnal was simple, yet extremely effective and emotional.

  • kebrus

    This article is spot on, it was such a disappointment to ear the new
    besaid theme, and i really don’t understand why changing the main battle
    theme, if people can remember a music from a FF game, it’s the battle
    theme, it would be obvious people would find it strange and dislike it

    like matty said, it feels like they just tried adding more instruments over the originals, i hope someone comes with some sort of a patch for this

  • Nicholas Smith

    Iiiiih… Iʻm sitting here on the Miihen Highroad. And I hear horns in the track. I donʻt like it. And someone mentioned before, the Besaid track was so good in the original. I think the best way to describe this is, most of what iʻm hearing on this play through of the HD Remastered version doesnʻt hit as hard the original music did… some of it is too subtle, and iʻm usually a fan of subtle.

  • Liam Aspinall

    I love the new chocobo theme A+